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Natural Cures for Acne and Pimples

Acne are the most common in cases when people are young during the puberty. During this period, acne and pimples are equally widespread in males as in females. Later, in middle and late age of life, it is more often in females. The basic reason why it appears are hormonal changes during the month in female organism. Beside puberty and hormonal disbalance, irregular nutrition, insufficient or irregular hygiene, skin care or even stress can cause appearance of acne. Acne and pimples do not have direct negative effect on health condition but they leave scars on the surface of the skin and make bad overall feeling or less valuable self-esteem in comparison to persons who do not have such problems.

This unpleasant appearance on the skin can be very persistant. It can resist to many chemicals intended for suppression of acne. So, here are most popular natural cures and tips how to get rid of acne and pimples. Many of them are always found in our kitchens.

Natural Cures for Acne and Pimples (for external usage)

Sea salt - We will start with a simple recipe. You need to boil 2dl of water and add 1/2 of spoon full of sea salt. With this mixture clean the face several times per day. This treatment will help to dry fast existing pimples, reduse oily skin and prevent against new arrival of pimples.

Apple vinegar - This is very old and well-checked natural cure for the treatment of acne and pimples. You need to boil 1/2l of water, when it get totally cold, add 1 big spoon of apple vinegar. With this mixture clean the face every evening (or any other place on the body where acne and pimples appeared). According to the antiseptic characteristics of apple vinegar, it prevents growth of bacteria.

Propolis - This can be very simple and efficient natural remedy for acne, if affected area on the skin treats with propolis several times per day. The similar effect can be achieved with mixture of honey and propolis.

Honey and Cinnamon - Eastern nations recommend mixture of honey and cinnamon for the treatment of acne and pimples. Problematic area on the skin need to be treated once a day, before sleep.

Aloe Vera - This well-known natural cure has biggest effect in the treatment of many skin problems. When it is a acne, you need to apply fresh juice from aloe vera leaves or aloe vera gel on the skin, several times per day.

Cucumber - The mask of fresh cucumber is also a good natural cure which cleans the face and calms inflammation of the skin, so it can be very useful for the treatment of acne and pimples.

Papaya - Put the mask of juice of crude papya on face. Apply it with cotton wool.

Marigold - This herb has antiseptic effect and because of this reason, it is necessary part of many pharmaceutical products for skin. Folk medicine for treating acne and pimples recommend to wash face properly with tea of marigold, two times per day (in the morning and in the evening).

Walnut leaves - Walnut leaves tea can be very useful for washing face.

Oregano oil - The most powerful herbal antiseptic. Oregano oil will accelerate treatment of acne and pimples, if you add just a few drops of this oil in regular face cleaner.

Natural Cures for Acne and Pimples (for internal usage)

Nettle - Nettle tea successfully cleanses the body, which helps to eliminate some internal causes of acne. For this treatment, the recommended daily dose is about 1 liter of tea continuously throughout the day.

nettle tea successfully purifies the body so it can eliminate some internal causes of acne. For this, the recommended daily dose of about 1 liter of tea continuously throughout the day.

Green tea - For suppression of acne and pimples, green tea as natural cure is very useful as strong antioxidant. It is recommended to drink 2 cups of tea per day.

Vitamin A - Prevents beginning of the infections, feeds and cares skin.

Vitamin C - regulates secretion of sebum, which is one of the most important preconditions for the skin without acne and pimples.

Water - The water provides the skin moisture, necessary for good health of skin in general.

Now, go into the kitchen and get rid of acne.

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