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Natural Cures for Thyroid Disease

First of all, what is thyroid? Thyroid gland has very important and complex role in human body what includes: keeping normal pace of metabolism of all cells. It also affects regular absorption of glucose, synthesis of proteins, frequency of cardiac activity and circulation of blood in organism. In this way, thyroid gland is directly responsible for regular physical and mental development and good overall condition of the body.

Disorder in function of thyroid gland belong to the most common hormonal disorder and is more often by men than women. Not only that the function of the gland can be in disorder, but also it can be enlarged. Nodes on its surface can apear as well as malignancy.

By the disorder of secretion of hormone there are 2 types of illness: hyperthyroidism (condition of increased function of thyroid gland) and hypothyroidism (condition of reduced function of thyroid gland). There are many reasons for its disorder and the most common are: irregular nutrition, irregular type of life, chronic anxiety and stress, excessive efforts during the long period of time and hereditary factor.

Treatment of thyroid gland disease is long-term process which needs to be taken seriously. Official, modern medicine offers hormonal therapy that noone can neglect. Natural cures, that will be presented here, need to be treated only as helpful aid to the official medicine in the aim of fast and successful healing (consultation with the doctors are recommended). Natural cures are important and need to be taken after modern medicine healing, especially in certain cases when patients don't feel very well, after taken all recommended official medicine drugs.

Now, how to cure thyroid naturally?

Natural Cures for Hypothyroidism

When there is case of low function of thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), it is recommended to take food rich with iodine such as: sea fish, mussels, lobster, seaweed, fish oil and obligatory iodised salt.

For hypothyroidism well-known for long period of time as well as its best natural cure is liquer of walnuts. Liquer of walnuts can be prepared by using 40 pieces of very fresh walnuts (while they are very young and still in the shell). Shell should be cut with knife (to allow juices to run from the shell); than put in a big, glass vessel and overflowed with 2l of Komova brandy. After it, sugar should be added, in quantity according to your wish. Glass vessel needs to be hermetically closed and kept on the sun for 6 weeks, intact. After that, liquer should be strained and poured in the bottle.

Walnuts liquer needs to be taken every morning before breakfast: in the dose of one small glass.

Natural Cures for Hyperthyroidism

For the treatment of increased function of thyroid gland (Hyperthyroidism) can be helpful tea prepared of flowers from bedstraw herb (Galium verum). Bedstraw tea needs to be prepared in usual way: one small spoon full of flowers from bedstraw needs to be overflowed with one cup of boiled water. Than keep it intact, for a few minutes. This needs to be taken 3 times per day.

Parallely, it is recommended to rinse the throat with the tea prepared with stonger concentration of flowers. Repeat it several times per day.

To achieve the best result of treating hyperthyroidism, put the compress full of fresh bedstraw flowers on the part of the neck where the thyroid gland is positioned. The compress should be prepared by using this natural cure as a whole, in the form of small bouquet overflowed with boiled water for just a few seconds and immediatelly positioned on the compress. When herbs get little colder, the compress should be positioned on the neck like this: natural cure should be directlly put on the neck, in period of one hour, several times per day. The best way for patient is to stay in the bad, during this natural cure.

Bedstraw is also a good natural cure for goiter.


In the last period of time, it is widely spreaded story about one very useful natural cure called Aronia that can, among all other medicinal characteristics, even positively regulates work of thyroid gland.

It is very often that the women in the period of menopause face with disorder of thyroid gland. In both cases (reduced or increased function of thyroid gland) it is recommended to use teas made out of natural cures, especially sage or mistletoe, which regulate level of hormone in the organism.

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