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PumpkinPumpkin matures in the autumn and it is possible to keep it fresh up to the spring. With possibility of storage, pumpkin as home remedy represents favourite vegetable for a lot of people, especially during winter time. Pumpkin can be used as favourite addition for preparation of desserts, pottages and juices. Here will be presented all pumpkin health benefits.

It is important to highlight that pumpkin as natural cure is rich with antioxidants and beta-carotene (provitamin A), minerals (especially zink and kalium), vitamins (E,C,B) and fibers. With regular usage of pumpkin in everyday nutrition, it is possible to provide protection against harmfull effect of free radicals. Pumpkin also prevents organism from premature aging, degeneration of eye-tissue, creation of cataract, formation of cardiovascular diseases. Zink from pumpkin contributes to better density of bones and can serve as good associate in fight against osteoporosis. This vegetable regulates digestion and is recommended for frequent usage for persons which have problems with maw. It works also as laxative and is useful for suppression of constipation bowel.

Beside all mentoined advantages, the fact that pumpkin meat contains amino acid: L-tryptophan which encourages excretion of serotonin in organism is probably not very-well known. It's intake produces good mood and happiness. Pumpkin as obligatory part of everyday nutrition can prevent from occurrence of depression and keeps clear state of mind.

Pumpkin seeds as home remedy can successfully prevent from appearance of stones in kidnies. That is reason why is good to eat 5-10g of pumpkin seeds every day. It contains a lot of zink so it can be added to other natural remedies used for curing enlarged prostate. Zink from pumpkin seeds is also very good for regular growth and development of organism in childhood.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

The pumpkin seed oil, produced in cold-pressed procedure, is natural cure and is recommended as helpful aid for suppression of many fatigues, especially when prostate problems appear. Pumpkin seed oil is rich source of vitamin A (beta-carotene), B1, B2, C, D, E and K. The content of zink explains its convenience as natural remedy for prostate. It also contains kalium, iron, magnesium as well as many other herbal antioxidants.

Beside all this, pumpkin seed oil is useful for general male health condition. It strengthens immunity system, reduces level of cholesterol, relaxes the bad influence of free radicals, affects favorably on hearth condition, blood pressure and many other functions in organism. Because of great amount of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and beta-carotene, it is also very useful for skin care. It is matter of tradition to use pumpkin seed oil in addition to many cosmetic products.

Usually, the pumpkin seed oil is used for boiled and fried food. It is also very tasty ingredient in salads; makes fresh and very pleasant taste, similar to the walnut.

Pumpkin Juice

Pumpkin juice as home remedy is very good for kidnies; it encourages digestion and good mood. It is great natural cure for persons with cardiovascular fatigues. It is recommended to drink 1dl of fresh pumpkin juice on regular, daily basis.

Here is one simple recipe how to use pumpkin juice as home therapy, for preparation of winter stores of food. It is good to know that stored pumpkin juice has less health benefits comparing to fresh pumpkin juice.

Put together: 3 kg of pumkin meat cutted in shape of square, 2 kg of sugar, 7 l of water and boil it to allow pumpkin to be soft. While the mixture is still hot, mash it together (possible with mixer), add 2 pieces of limutus and store it in the glass bottles. Close the bottles with cellophane and wrap it with the blanket. Keep it during the night to allow pumpkin juice to get cold. After that, store the bottles with pumpkin juice in the dark place, with other winter-stored food.

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