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Watching the sunWatching the sun, the old method of healing has many health benefits. The sun can recharge every level of our energy. Let's see how.

Sun is great sourse of life. Ultraviolet radiation of the Sun has positive effect on general health condition of the body, stimulates production of melanine, stimulates metabolism (especially metabolism of minerals) and generally has good impact on condition of glands with internal secretion. Thanks to the Sun, vitamin D in human organism changes into calcium, encourages the production of hormone endorphin which makes the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. This means that Sun is very good as prevention and natural cure in cases of depresion. It is generally known fact that insufficient exposure to the Sun light can cause problems with functioning of the nervous system. This is very common in Scandinavian countries which have small amount of sunny days during the year.

Enough Sun light prevents from rachitis. The children who spend too many hours in the closed area: in the room or in front of the computer, take a risk to suffer from rachitis that starts because of irregular mineralisation of bones during the develpoment of the body and what is most important: in cases of lack of vitamin D.

The best time for sungazing (watching the sun or heliotherapy) is in early morning and late afternoon hours (sun rise or sun set). It is good to know that exposure to the Sun in the noon, when the ultraviolet radiadion is the highest, can be very harmful and dangerous. Exposure to the sun needs to be gradual, eyes should be protected with sun glasses and head with small hat of straw or white linen. Specail caution is recommended to the persons that suffer from hyperthyroidism (increased function of thyroid gland) and hypertension (high blood pressure) because it is supersensitive when ultraviolet radiation appear.

Sungazing - Sun Yoga - Solar Yoga

Ancient and almost forgotten method of treating with Sun foster the teacher of sungazing Hira Ratan Manek. He is well known from 1995. because of his way of living, according to the Sun energy and water. He just sometimes drink tea, coffee or milk. This incredible interesting man lectures all around the world for several years where he points out that the core of the Sun Yoga is not in reduced need for food but in achieving balanced and healthy way of life. He developed simple and safe method of healing (watching the sun - sungazing - sun yoga), by studying solar yoga from ancient Greek times, Egyptians and native Americans.

How to do Sungazing?

Sungazing or watching the sun have to be conducted only once in lifetime. This process lasts for 270 days or 9-12 months, depending on number of sunny days in the month. Solar Yoga starts by looking at the Sun for 10 seconds, day-to-day. It needs to be extended for 5-10 seconds every day and at the end of the sun therapy (the last day) it lasts for 45 minutes. During watching the sun, it is recommended to stand on the ground with bare feet. What is also important: You need to look at the sun during the time so-called "golden hour". This is the name for the first hour after sunrise and the last hour when sun sets. Since the Solar Yoga needs to be conducted only once in the day and "golden hour" happens twice, no matter when you pick to exercise Solar Yoga.

Sungazing Benefits - What sungazing cures?

Solar Yoga as home therapy successfully treats many diseases. By sungazing, overall improvement of the body condition can be soon achieved, mentally and phisically. Sungazing therapy improves contrecation, memory and general mental abilities. It is also useful as auxilary method in treating serious chronic illnesses. Sungazing (watching the sun) provides the organism with enough energy for regular functioning of organism during the day. It is interesting to say that method of sungazing (watching the sun) reduces the appetite because of stored energy that we are regulary used to provide by intake of food. That is why it can be classified as successful natural cure for weight loss. can

In any case, Sungazing can improve our health.

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