Benefits of Collagen for Skin

Aging is a natural process which begins in mid-’20s. Even then, the production of collagen in the skin level begins to decrease, elastin loses vigor and consequently reduces elasticity of skin. On surface of skin cells die rapidly, creating a thicker layer of cells, which slows down the natural process in the skin and interfere with its function. Production of new cells slowly declining and starting to appear the first signs of aging.

Collagen is a protein produced by our body, a component of connective tissue, which is vital for our body. It consists of fine interlacing fibers that make up the network. Collagen is responsible for soft, healthy and beautiful appearance of our skin. These fibers are the connective tissue that connects the cell, and with elastin contributes firmness of the skin. Thus, collagen and elastin are very important for the elasticity, suppleness, firmness and moisture of the skin.

There are several subspecies of collagen, which are differ among themselves according structure and distribution in the tissues.

Under the influence of external factors, as well as during aging, collagen gets damaged. Over time there is a reduction of its production, which causes skin aging and formation of wrinkles.

The only way to slow down this process, is to increase its production and strengthen the existing collagen fibers. This can be accomplished in several ways. For example, the use of various creams with collagen or laser treatments that stimulate the division of stem cells, activate skin metabolism, stimulate stem cells to regenerate faster and produce new collagen. Collagen is used in cosmetics for many years. A long time were obtained from animal cells. Since recently, on health grounds, is used marine collagen. In addition to this, the plant collagen has its permanent place in cosmetics.

Another way is to consume foods that contain collagen. Skin should be fed from the inside. So, foods that contain collagen as a chicken soup of bones, citrus fruits, fish and seafood, help maintain our skin looking fresher, younger, softer, and with fewer wrinkles.

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