Ginger water for health and weight loss

Ginger water

Ginger water is one of the well-known natural tool for weight loss. It is especially popular among the female population who are struggling with excess weight. But this drink has many other medicinal properties. It is used for hundreds of years, especially in alternative medicine. Ginger water is a very powerful antioxidant that improves metabolism. In Ayurveda … Read more Ginger water for health and weight loss

Medicinal Properties of Beetroot


Beetroot is a very healthy and medicinal vegetable. This plant is also known as garden beet. Many nations, traditionally used beetroot as a remedy. It is a natural detoxicant, antioxidant, diuretic, antipyretic. Beetroot contains iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosperous, niacin, vitamin C and vitamin A. Let\’s see which are the medicinal properties of Beetroot. In particular be … Read more Medicinal Properties of Beetroot