Echinacea for Immune System

Echinaceaif you are wondering how to improve immune system Echinacea is probably the best choice. Echinacea is very effective natural agent when it comes to boosting the immune system. It is one of the most popular therapeutic herbs nowadays. It was used even by American Indians a long time ago. They used this herb mostly for treating cold, cough and headache. Today, Echinacea is probably the most popular and best-selling herb for boosting immune system.

The human immune system reacts against unwanted foreign substances that we constantly come into contact with. So, what immune system does is to recognize harmful microorganisms in the body and then destroys them. Those microorganisms are viruses, bacteria and parasites. There are people who have extremely strong immune system, so they rarely get diseases caused by these invaders. On the contrary, there are people who catch the flu the same moment they think about this disease. That means they have very weak immune system and they should do something about it. There are multiple herbs which can boost vitality and the immune system strenght, but most experts in this area agrees that Echinacea is the best herb for immunity. This herb with pretty pink flowers is originally grown only in prairies of North America.

Echinacea is the best studied imunostimulator of modern times. It was examined and tested as a natural remedy for the first time in Germany. Since then, its therapeutic properties have been constantly confirmed in many laboratories all over the world.

In other words, it’s scientifically proved that Echinacea supports the production of white blood corpuscles (leukocytes), which present an important factor in battle against different infections. It can be said that it functions as natural antibiotic, too. Echinacea helps the immune system to control and prevent infections that were caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Another function of Echinacea is strenghtening the protective membranes of body cells, which become more resistant to various infections attacks. In combination with chinese herb astralagus, Echinacea increases the t-cells activity and in that way the whole body immune system becomes stronger.

Except the internal application with the aim of boosting immunity, the Echinacea herb is often used externally, for healing injuries. It destroys fungi and delays or even stops the spread of bacteria, which stimulates the healing of damaged tissue.

In the Western world, the widespreaded opinion is that Echinacea is the immunity herb, so it is predominantly used for preventing or curing the cold or the flu. It’s most frequently used as an extract and the recommended daily dosis for adults is 15-25 drops, three times a day, in a glass of water.

Mention: The Echinacea herb mustn’t be used for treating autoimmune diseases like AIDS, Hashimoto thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis and others, because of the aggravation of the patient’s condition. It is forbidden its usage in patients who suffer from high body temperature, too.

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