Garlic as a Cure

GarlicGarlic (Latin name: Allium sativum)

Garlic is one of the best natural remedies in the world. During the wars in all parts of the world, and whenever there was a hunger and poverty, garlic has been an important food and useful remedy against many diseases. Garlic, black bread and sour cream are the basic ingredients of centenarians from the Caucasus. Traditional medicine is highly appreciates this plant, so that it is often in the composition of many natural balms.

Modern medicine, through numerous scientific studies have confirmed all the previous knowledge about this miraculous plant. So, garlic as a cure is placed high on the list of medicinal plants.

Benefits of garlic

Lowers blood pressure
Lowers level of cholesterol in the blood
Protects blood vessels
Reduces risk of heart and brain attack
Protects against many chronic diseases (bronchitis, cataracts, Parkinson\’s disease)
Cures colds and flu (garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic)
It increases immunity
Stimulates production of antibodies in the organism
Acting against tumor cells (garlic has germanium in it, more than any other plant on the planet)
Destroys intestinal parasites
Reduces bloating and gas
Garlic is a good cure against yeast infections
It is an excellent antioxidant
Slows down the aging process
Eliminates fatigue and tension
Improves mood
Cures skin warts
And much more…

How to use garlic as a cure

Garlic has medicinal properties in fresh and boiled form.

1. However, for the treatment of yeast infections, bacteria, viruses and parasites, it is recommended to use fresh garlic.
2. For the protection of the heart and blood vessels need to consume boiled garlic.
3. Pickled garlic is recommended as a protection against cancer.

Garlic, Lemon and Honey Against Aging

Here\’s a simple recipe.

Finely chop 10 heads of garlic and mix with 1 kg of honey. Finally, add the juice of 10 lemons. Pour into a glass bowl, cover and leave for 8-10 days.

Then, take one tablespoon of this natural elixir, two times a day, in the morning and in the evening (before meals).

This mixture of garlic, lemon and honey is known in Tibetan medicine as an excellent natural anti-aging cure. It successfully slows the aging process.

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