Goat milk

Goat Milk

Goat milkChemical structure of goat milk is extremely similar to breast milk, therefore it is classified as one of the healthiest foods. It\’s most suitable for baby feeding immediatelly after the breastfeeding period. Children who are fed with goat milk progress more quickly and have better bone mineralization than children who are exclusively fed with cow\’s milk.

Specific proteins that exist in cow\’s milk can cause allergic reactions in children, which is not the case with goat milk. Then, in comparison to cow\’s milk, goat milk contains lower amount of lactose, which means it is easier to digest and is beneficial for people who are lactose-intolerant. Except that, it has many other nutritional and health advantages in comparison to cow\’s milk.

Through history, all over the world, goat milk has been used not only for nutrition, yet as a natural remedy in treating many diseases like allergy, cough, bronchitis, tuberculosis, immunity breakdown

Goat milk is rich in vitamins B, so it\’s beneficial for nutrition of nervous system. High level of calcium and phosphorus contributes to bone strength. Selenium and zinc, which can also be found in goat milk, boost the body\’s immune system. Spanish doctors recommend goat milk for people who suffer from anemia that is caused by iron deficiency, as it\’s scientifically proved that it encourages better use of this mineral in human organism and hemoglobin regeneration. And now, another important fact. Goat milk is very useful in preventing cancerogenic diseases, as it contains linoelic acid, which has anticancerogenic effect. This natural drink will be good both for persons with sensitive stomach and those with liver problems.

Goats eat a crust of herbs that are rich in silicon. It is a mineral that positively affects the hair, skin, nails and nervous system.

Goat milk is extremely beneficial for health, because it:

• Strengthens the immune system
• Eliminates allergies
• Cures bronchitis
• Reduces the risk of lung cancer
• It is good for diabetics

The only disadvantage of goat milk is its specific smell which cannot be accepted by many consumers. Perhaps something changes after reading this text.

It must be said that goat cheese is a very useful food for strengthening the body and the protector of many diseases.

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