Graviola as Natural Cure for Cancer

GraviolaGraviola plant represents an elixir of health, as it helps in the treatment of malignancies. By destroying only cancer cells, graviola prevents the emergence of deadly infections and protects the immune system. This establishes normal functioning of organs.

Therefore, at the top of the list of powerful anticancer plants, according to the experts, there is graviola (Annona muricata). This plant originates from the Central and South America. It is, in fact, Amazonian plant. The natural habitat of this medicinal plant is Mexico, Peru and part of Brazil, while most massive grown of graviola is in areas of North America and West Africa.

Contemporary research has shown that graviola has a strong anticancer effect. These fruits effectively kill cancer cells. The effects of graviola is even ten thousand times stronger compared to modern means used in chemotherapy.

Laboratory tests have shown that an extract from the graviola tree kills malignant cells (12 types of cancer). Among them are: breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer.

In addition, unlike cytostatics which destroy healthy cells, this plant destructive acts exclusively on cancer cells. And not only that. Graviola is a natural cure for cancer that operates on several levels – destroying malignant cells without accompanying adverse effects such as nausea, weight loss and hair loss. That means, completely natural.

Besides the anticancer ingredients, ripe fruits are rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, as well as in mineral phosphorus.

At the same time, graviola protects the immune system, helps in avoiding infection, restore normal operation of organs, restores the life energy and willingness to work. Encourages the work of the internal organs, successfully kills fungi, bacteria and parasites, relieves depressive states and regulates blood pressure.

Graviola fruit is traditionally used for feeding in the form of fresh juice. In medicinal purposes is used the whole plant – bark, leaves, fruit and seeds. But in recent years graviola is a very popular natural cure for cancer.

In the Peruvian Amazonia tea from the leaves of graviola is used as a sedative and anti-diabetes remedy. In Brazil, this tea is used as remedy for the treatment of liver. Because it strengthens the immune system, in the India it recommended for the treatment of colds and flu. Finally, South American Indians graviola, among other things, used for the treatment of heart asthma and arthritis. A long list of diseases…

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