Honey as a Cure

HoneyHoney is the most wonderful natural product. It contains almost all of the ingredients that are necessary for the human body. Therefore it is often used as an effective natural cure. This bee product is amazing natural elixir that every household should have.

What is Honey?

Honey arises from the nectar of plants by bees. Bees collected nectar of flowers convert into glucose and fructose. The result is a natural sweet substance – honey.

It can be a different color and taste, which depends on the flowers from which the bees were collected nectar.

So there are many varieties of honey, such as: Acacia honey, Clover honey, Dandelion honey, Eucalyptus honey, Orange blossom honey, Pine Tree honey, forest honey, wildflower honey…

In any case, honey has a great health benefits, regardless of the variety.Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is rich in various minerals and vitamins that are essential for the healthy functioning of the human organism. It includes zinc, iron, phosphorus, copper, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium and chromium.

It contains a host of herbal ingredients that strengthen our immune system and make us more resistant to disease.

Honey is a very powerful natural energy booster. It provides a quick energy.

Honey contains amino acids and enzymes essential for the biological processes in the body. For example, these enzymes have positive effect on the regeneration of cells and absorption of food.

In addition, this natural product is often use in cosmetic purposes as a natural beauty ingredient.

Honey is an excellent, tasty and very healthy natural sweetener, especially when it comes to tea.

Honey Cures

1. Honey cures for cough: Tea made from fresh ginger root with honey soothes cough. Or, mix very hot milk with one tablespoon of honey and drink warm.

2. Honey cure for heart disease: Add wildflower honey in a glass of water with the juice of one lemon.

3 Honey cure for constipation: For the treatment of constipation, drink honey dissolved in cold water, because dissolved in warm water causes the opposite effect.

4. Honey cure for immunity: Every morning, on an empty stomach take one spoon of honey.

5. Chamomile tea with honey soothes insomnia and dizziness.

6. Dog Rose tea with honey is recommended for the treatment of kidney, urinary bladder and urinary tract.

7. Honey for encouraging energy: During sports training or other physical exertion, drink water to which was added a little honey.

8. Honey and milk are a great choice for natural skin care.

9. At the end, a mixture of honey and cinnamon has many health benefits, according to the traditional Eastern medicine. We wrote about it on a separate page.

The Benefits of using Honey on Your Hair

Honey also has a positive effect on hair. It contains a natural substance that gives hair exuberance. It is a useful tool in the treatment of dry and damaged hair. Adding honey to any product for hair, increasing the efficiency of this preparation. Allows faster penetration of products into the hair and softens.

To increase the elasticity of the hair mix honey with your hair cream. This is a great recipe for softness. Mix the honey with olive oil and your hair will get an amazing glow.

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