Kefir and buckwheat

Kefir and Buckwheat Flour

Kefir and buckwheat flour for colon cleansing and detoxification of the body

Kefir and buckwheatKefir and buckwheat flour in the blend, according to the Russian folk medicine, is used to detoxify the body, so it cleans the bowels. If you are frequently tired, anxious, prone to infections, colds, then it may be a signal that they are present toxins in your body that should be eliminated.

Therefore, an attempt to clean the body with the help of kefir and buckwheat flour. The cleaning of the organism should last 2 weeks. It is recommended 2 times a year. Some might call this “diet with kefir and buckwheat flour“, because it is useful for weight loss too.

How to make kefir and buckwheat flour

Recipe for kefir and buckwheat flour is very simple and anyone can make it at home. One tablespoon of buckwheat flour spill over with a glass of kefir, mix and leave in the fridge. That\’s how to make kefir and buckwheat flour. It is best if you make the mixture before going to sleep and in the morning once more stir and drink. If you eat breakfast, then taken 30 minutes before a meal, but it is best if this be a substitute for breakfast these 2 weeks.

Kefir is beneficial for digestion. It allows regular bowel movements and colon cleansing. Kefir is known as an elixir of Caucasus. The best choice is if you make it by yourself with the help of kefir grains. Everyone who cares about the health and longevity are opting for this drink.

Buckwheat flour also has its advantages. It strengthens the body, it is good for blood vessels, better circulation, it is a good diuretic, increases concentration and allows for better memory, lowers blood pressure and is useful against constipation. Together, when mixed these two ingredients we get a powerful combination, which cleans the digestive tract and blood, regulates metabolism, blood sugar, eliminates the toxins from the body, increases hemoglobin, and probably lots more…

Kefir and buckwheat is the perfect combination for diet food, because it promotes weight loss, without contraindications.

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