Medicinal Properties of Beetroot

BeetrootBeetroot is a very healthy and medicinal vegetable. This plant is also known as garden beet. Many nations, traditionally used beetroot as a remedy. It is a natural detoxicant, antioxidant, diuretic, antipyretic. Beetroot contains iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosperous, niacin, vitamin C and vitamin A. Let\’s see which are the medicinal properties of Beetroot.

In particular be emphasized that freshly beetroot juice regenerates the liver and prevents aging. Because this plant is a cellular regenerator and successfully regenerates damaged cells in the body.

In addition, the juice of beetroot is beneficial antipyretic, because it lowers high body temperature.

Beetroot is recommended for treating the consequences of radiation, and provides protection against radioactivity and against X-rays.

In recent times Beet roots are increasingly being used in carcinogenic diseases namely leukemia, cancer and tumor.

Beetroot is very rich in iron, so it is used as a cure for blood, specifically for treatment of anemia. It accelerates the regeneration of red blood cells (RBCs).

And that\’s not all, beetroot has healing effects on a range of other diseases. It successfully regulates blood pressure. Beetroot seed is used for the therapeutic treatment of genital and intestinal tumors.

Diuretic effects of beetroot helps in chronic rheumatism and gout.

This red vegetable is rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are very important source of fuel for each active person.

Vitamin A keeps eyes and skin in good and health condition.

Magnesium is an important mineral for a healthy nervous system, heart, muscles and immune system.

Lastly, another important information. Beetroots are low in calories. It has only 33 kCal per 100 grams so can be considered as desirable food for weight loss.

Beetroot can be eaten raw or cooked but we should not forget that just raw beetroot can be used as a cure.


Note: You need to know that when using beetroot urine and stool have a reddish color which is quite normal. So, do not be afraid because of this.

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