Natural Cures for Prostate Problems

Prostate is male, genital gland with internal secretion that is supposed to be cured on time because of its tendency to morbidity, especially in midlle-to late age period of life.

The most common causes for its illness are: different infections, chronical inflammations of the bladder, urethra, irregular nutrition, excessive consuming of alcohol, soft drinks, hereditary factor etc. The most common forms of this disease are: benevolent enlargement of the gland, inflammation and cancer.

Symptoms of prostate disease (difficult urination, frequent nocturnal enuresis, weak stream of urine, constant need to urinate) appear in percentage of around 30% of male people older than 65 years of age. When people get older, the number of patients which suffer from prostate problems increase. Such problems are unpleasant and more expressed in late age of life. Its proper treatment always requires long-term period of time.

Here will be listed some natural cures for prostate problems, especially when this gland has tendency for benevolent enlargement. Each natural cure used in a way that is recommended can help for fast recovery.

Recommended types of teas for prostate problems are: milkweed, cranberry, bear grapes, nettle and green tea.

According to the scientific researches, green tea can significantly slow the process of prostate cancer. The constituent of green tea called polifenon E can noticeably help in the reduction of markers which help in monitoring of develpoment of prostate cancer. For example, patients which took the capsules of polifenon E during the one month, after that period of time had less key markers than at the beginning, for around 30%. To achieve this effect, researchers recommend to drink 12 cups of concetration of green tea per day.

Small milkweed is excellent natural remedy for every type of inflammation of prostate and cancer. By using this natural cure, is possible to ease and remove symptoms of ill prostate and avoid the operation. If the surgical operation is inevitable, tea made of milkweed will ease pricking and help in overall recovery of patient. This tea can be prepared in usual way: one small spoon of milkweed is a measure for one cup of tea. It is recommended to keep prepared tea for 5 minutes, intact. The tea need to be taken only 2 times per day: once in the morning before breakfast and once in the evening (half an hour before dinner).

It is a matter of scienctific research that cranberry as natural cure has anti-cancer effect. The tea made of cranberry can be used in prevention and treating of all types of bacteries in urinary tract. Also, it is good in prevention against cancer of prostate.

The tea of Bearberry (bear grape) is widely-known because of its good effects in case of enarged prostate and problems with each urinary organ.

Tomato is excellent natural cure because it contains good elements useful for keeping health of prostate; also it helps in the treatment of prostate cancer. Tomato used in this purposes need to be treated fresh and prepared for winter stores without added preservatives.

Pollen (flower powder) affects prostate positively as good natural remedy. Dose of 15gr of pollen or one full spoon of it is recommended three times per day everyday: once in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

Propolis extract also, should be good natural cure for prostate problems.

Sunflower seeds, pumpkin, watermelon, cucumber, flax and sesame seeds also have a beneficial effect in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.

Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, soy, nettle, garlic, yeast, lecithin (from soy) are also useful natural cures.

Than, proteins (1st class albumens, the best types of fish and lean cheese).

Vegetable oils from wheat germs are well-known for its efficient effect in the treatment of disorder of reproducibility function in male organism. That is reason why it is used in medical purposes for proper treating of prostate.

For prostate problems is recommend a food that contains:

ZINC – It prevents changes on prostate. The food with the most content of zinc: oysters, sea shells, herring, pumpkin seeds, sunflower, wheat bran, integral oats, veal and beef liver (black liver), beef and turkey meat, walnuts, eggs, onions, brewer, soy, mushrooms, wine, goat milk and pulses. Zinc can be taken daily in form of tablets: starting with the quantity of 60 mg per day. Later, the quantity can decrease up to 30 mg per day.

SELENIUM – Helps in healing of prostate. That is the reason why to take it from brewer which is rich with the selenium. If it is taken in the form of capsule, it is recommended to take 100mg per day.

VITAMIN A – Beneficialy works on mucosal of each genital organ, including prostate.

VITAMIN E – Very important in keeping vitality of reproductive system by improving reproductive ability of both genders: male and female, this is positively reflected on prostate, too.

LECITHIN is natural mean, very favorable for overall health, especially good for prostate.

Note: For prostate health is particularly important to avoid hot spices, alcohol and carbonated beverages.

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