Potato juice

Potato juice as a cure for stomach

Potato juicePotato juice is a remarkable natural cure prized in folk medicine. It is known that it is very effective for the treatment of diseased liver and stomach, especially in case of unfavorable acid and heartburn. How to make a healing potion in two simple ways, and how we can prepare and use this plant, and to not lose its healing properties, find below…

About potatoes

Potato is a plant that grows under the ground. Today there are about 1500 different varieties of potatoes. This plant has a positive effect in the treatment of liver, indigestion and many heart diseases. The shell or bark are a good tool for cleaning the whole body, but in severe disease recommended fresh potato juice, as well as tea of potato shells. According to tradition, some types of tumors can be treated with the help of tea made from potato shell. The latin name for the potato is Solanum tuberosum.

Important warning: Never use the green parts of the plant, because they are toxic.

Potato as a remedy in traditional medicine

For nutrition is used only ripe potatoes. It is the perfect food in the dietary regimen, especially in people with diagnosed diseases of internal organs. Mashed potatoes without salt and with a little fat, is an ideal dietary meal which is very easy to digest. It\’s great for bowels and absorbs excess of stomach acid. Likewise, mashed potatoes is a great medicine for gastritis, hepatitis, eczema and other skin diseases. In diabetics, this food is the basis for the preparation of certain meals and has a positive influence on the entire metabolism. For some diabetics it is sometimes the only food which they can take. Coverings of potatoes, which are prepared in various ways, represent an effective home remedy. Potato are used for face care, because it has the role of absorption of various harmful substances from our skin, as well as a painkiller at very irritated skin. It also can alleviate headache. In cosmetics potato is used for the treatment of variety skin impurities, such as chapped skin, painful calluses, wild meat, bites, burns and others.

Potato juice recipe

A healthy, healing and fresh potato juice can be made in two ways. The first is to wash, grate and put it in the linen cloth, and then squeeze all the juice. The resulting liquid being consumed only fresh.

Another way: Potato juice can be made with the help of appropriate juicer with a spinner.

Potato juice is a great natural remedy for gastritis. The recommended dose is one soup spoon, three times during the day, half hour before meals. In diseased liver 0,5 dl in the morning before breakfast. It can be diluted with a little water or fresh carrot juice. During the day should be consumed potato salad with dandelions and plenty of parsley, onion, lemon juice and a little olive oil.

We hope that you find out how useful and healthy is potato juice, but we advise that before consumption of this drink sure to consult a qualified person – your doctor.

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