Propolis Natural Remedy

PropolisWhat is Propolis?

Propolis is a coating which bees use to cover all interior surfaces of the hive, to ensure water resistance. That means, propolis is a bee product and completely natural.

The beneficial properties of propolis are known in many civilizations of the ancient world. There are a large number of writings about the therapeutic characteristics of propolis. In Roman civilization, propolis was used as a disinfectant. Propolis was also known by the ancient Greeks, as a remedy for skin diseases, wounds and abscesses. The Egyptian physicians used it to treat diseases of the skin and the respiratory system. In ancient Egypt, propolis also was used for embalming.

In recent times, especially in Germany and Russia, are produced a variety of resources based on propolis, most often for external applications, especially for the treatment of skin diseases.

But the first detailed studies of the Western world have appeared only in recent decades. These studies have also uncovered many potentials of propolis, which were unknown.

Propolis contains even about 200 different ingredients and the most important are: flower powder, wax, resin, herbal balms, essential oils, oligoelements and vitamins. Propolis is used for the treatment of various diseases, mostly viral, bacterial and fungal diseases and it is a good natural antibiotic. It gives a very good impact for the treatment of respiratory system, burns, eczema, acne, intestinal infections, periodontitis, protects the liver tissue and strengthens the immunity. It is used in cosmetics because of its great power of regeneration of tissues.

Health Benefits of Propolis:

According to scientific research, propolis has primarily anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral effect, usually used to remove parasites from the body, such as Giardia lamblia.

Propolis plays a role in creating a hygienic protective layer against fungal or microbial invasion.

Propolis improves immunity and provides higher resistance to influenza.

Bee propolis is a powerful natural antioxidant.

It is a good natural remedy against allergic rhinitis.

Improves respiratory function and decreased the mechanisms of inflammation, and is recommended for persons who suffer from asthma.

Propolis is a useful natural remedy against dental caries, so it is added as an ingredient in toothpaste.

In addition, propolis is a natural aphrodisiac and it has a great use for the male sexual apparatus. Indeed, recent research has shown that it largely corrects the curvature of the penis, eliminating fibrosis responsible for penile curvature.

Probably that everyone knows that propolis is generally available in all pharmacies. Usually there are no adverse effects but follow the manufacturer directions. Caution for persons allergic to bee products.

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