Treatment of Blepharitis With Natural Remedies

most diseases, blepharitis is treated with traditional medicine, too. Combining
traditional methods and natural remedies, you can quickly get rid of inflammation
on the eyelids. Of course, recovery from this disease does not come soon,
so you need to have patience. Also, do not give up on medical treatment.

Blepharitis is manifested by inflammation of the eyelids, redness appears
on them, there is swelling, itching, even crusts and sores. When an infection
is connected, there may be a purulent discharge. Eyelashes are affected
very much, in most cases they begin to fall out, the edge of the eyelids
thickens. Vision also suffers, tear film does not give a good view. The
inflammation of the eyelids is long and difficult to treat, there can be

Natural remedies for blepharitis have been tested for centuries and not
need to be abandoned today, even when the pharmacies are full of modern

Herbal remedies for blepharitis

Herbal remedies for blepharitis – Recipe 1: The usual garden fennel,
is a wonderful remedy for blepharitis on the eyes. Prepare a tincture for
such compresses, for this, put 1 tablespoon of chopped herbs in a glass
and fill with boiling water, cover the glass and pour the dill for one hour.
Wet cotton pads in warm, strained infusion and apply to eyes. If there is
no fresh dill, you can take the dried.

Herbal remedies for blepharitis – Recipe 2: With seborrhoeic blepharitis,
bury clover juice three times a day. It’s just that we need inflorescences
of the just cloven meadow clover. They should be crushed, squeezed through
the gauze and can be used. The remaining gruel is also useful, put it in
the form of lotions.

Herbal remedies for blepharitis – Recipe 3: Calendula and chamomile
have a disinfectant property, with blepharitis they can handle eyelids.
Brew 1 tablespoon of a mixture of herbs in 200 ml of boiling water and make
lotions. Also this infusion can be drunk on a third of a glass 3 times a

Herbal remedies for blepharitis – Recipe 4: Grind fresh basil leaves
and attach to the eyes, this natural remedy helps to get rid of inflammation
in a few days.

Other natural remedies for the treatment of blepharitis

Recipe 1: Ulcerative blepharitis is manifested by crusts and sores.
Lubricate them with rose oil 3 times a day. To make rose oil, put 1 glass
of red rose petals in a saucepan and pour 1 cup of olive oil. Warm it in
a water bath for 2 hours, then allow to cool. Rose oil is ready.

Recipe 2: Try to treat blepharitis with honey and onions. Infusion
is prepared as follows: first boil the cut bulb in 500 ml, then decoction
filter and cool to a warm state. Put 1 tablespoon of good honey, it is better
if not crystallized. All mix and store in a cool place. With blepharitis,
wash your eyes with this honey onion water at least 5 times a day.

Recipe 3: One of the most effective and safe folk remedies for inflammation
of the eyes is tea. Brew a pinch of black and green tea. Add 1 teaspoon
of dry grape wine to the glass of liquid. Wipe your eyes during the day.
It is also useful for conjunctivitis.

Recipe 4: Home plants can also help with various blepharitis. From
aloe juice squeeze, filter and drip into the eyes or make lotions on the
eyelids. It would be better if you cut the sheet off the old plant first,
wrap it in paper and hold it in the fridge for a week.

You need to know that some natural remedies for blepharitis will not work,
so at the first signs of inflammation, visit your ophthalmologist.

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