Vitamins in Jar

Vitamins in Jar

Vitamins in JarAfter winter we may feel tired, without any known reason. This phenomenon is usually a result of winter dietary habits. Because winter diet is poor in vitamins.

In the first place, lack of vitamin C in the body is expressed through increased fatigue, poor concentration and weakening of the immune system. Then, lack of iron is manifested through lethargy, somnolence, slackness and lack of energy.

All these symptoms are characteristic for “spring fatigue”. The constant feeling of fatigue at the beginning of spring occurs as a consequence of a lack of vitamins in the body. So, how to cure spring fatigue?

Spring fatigue symptoms can be diminished in different ways, by entering the aforementioned vitamins. Here is one excellent and safe recipe for it.

* To prepare the “Vitamins in jar” are needed following foods, in the fresh form:

– carrot (4 pcs.)
– beetroot (4 pcs.)
– apple (3 pcs.)
– celery (1 pcs.)
– whole lemon (1 pcs.)
– lemon juice (2 pcs.)
– honey (5 tablespoons)

* How to make “Vitamins in jar“:

1. Peel beetroots, apples and celery.
2. Wash and scrape the carrots.
3. Wash lemon.
4. All of these ingredients chop in a blender.
5. Add honey and lemon juice.
6. Stir well and put in jars.
7. Store in a cool place for 7-10 days.

* Take 3 times a day, 1 tablespoon, half an hour before the meal.

This natural remedy is recommended for spring fatigue, strengthening the immune system and recovery after a longer illness. It\’s also good for the children with poor appetite, persons engaged in heavy physical work or some other difficult jobs and people without spleen.

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